The Services We Offer and FAQ's

Whatever funeral you require, from the extravagant to the understated, religious to non religious a funeral is always an important occasion, and one that needs to be right. All our staff understand the importance of the funeral being right for the individual, and we are proud to say we always strive to achieve perfection in every funeral that we conduct.

Every funeral we undertake is designed as a fitting final tribute. Unlike the larger local groups we don’t believe in a ‘Standard Funeral’ because we don’t believe there is such a a thing as a ‘Standard Person’. Even our most simple services still strive to accurately reflect the individual whom we are looking after.

 To meet your specific requirements we employ an array of services, the most common of which are outlined in this section.

Other service based FAQ's are outlined below.

We have never been a religious family - do we have to have a vicar to take the ceremony?

No, there is no requirement to hold a religious funeral service and there are a number of alternatives. Perhaps a relative or friend could take the service if they feel able to do so. Other members of the congregation could speak or read verses or poems. The British Humanist Association, Institute of Civil Funerals and Fellowship of Professional Celebrants have networks of officiates who will provide a very personal non-religious ceremony. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to discuss all the options. At our disposal we have a number of highly trained professional men and women who take non-religious services for us.

These include,

The highly acclaimed Georgina Pugh - More information at:


The much praised Wayne Evans – More information at:

These are by-no means the only celebrants we use however they hopefully give an understanding of the role of the celebrant in the modern day funeral-service.

What are green funerals and woodlands burials?

“Green funeral” is a term often used to describe funeral services that take a less traditional form and seek to minimise impact upon the world’s natural resources. This may mean choosing a woodland burial ground, deciding not to have overseas-grown flowers at the funeral or selecting a coffin made of materials such as bamboo or wicker. An environmentally responsible funeral need not differ significantly to any other. By checking that the wood used to make a wooden coffin is obtained from sustainably managed resources, using a local cemetery or crematorium and arranging to share vehicles when travelling to and from the funeral would be significant strides to achieving an environmentally responsible funeral. Woodland burial grounds are cemeteries, often privately run, where strict rules govern what can and cannot be buried. If you are considering buying a grave in a woodland burial ground, you should visit to see whether it is what you expect and ask to see their terms and conditions. Of particular interest should be the length of the exclusive right of burial and what the long term plans for the site are. We are able to provide you with information about woodland burial grounds local to you should you require it.