The Services We Offer and FAQ's

Whichever funeral you require (from the extravagant to the understated, religious or non-religious), a funeral is always an important occasion and one that needs to be suited to the individual it represents. Here at G M Sharp, we are proud to say we always strive to achieve perfection in every funeral that we conduct to ensure it is designed as a fitting, final tribute.

Religious services 

Often referred to as a 'traditional funeral service' – which usually takes place in a church, crematorium or at the graveside – this event is presided over by a religious leader who guides mourners through the process of saying goodbye. Religious funerals normally contain prayers, readings, tributes to the deceased and hymns. We will endeavour to place you with the correct minister no matter your faith or location. They will then help plan the service in conjunction with the beliefs of the deceased and traditions of the client's family. 

Non-religious services

Non-religious services are often very flexible, taking place in a multitude of locations and concentrating entirely on the deceased as opposed to a religion. They often focus on a tribute to the deceased individual, with music, poems and readings being common factors.

At our disposal, we have a number of highly trained professional celebrants who will provide a very personal, non-religious ceremony and guide attending mourners and our clients through the entire process.

These include:

Georgina Pugh – More information at:


Wayne Evans – More information at:


Sophie Urquhart – More information at:

By no means are these the only celebrants we use. However, hopefully, they give an understanding of the role of the celebrant in the modern-day funeral service.