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Funeral Types

Church, Burial and Cremation

We deal with a multitude of faiths,Churches, cemetery administrations and associated-organisations who all have different funeral charges. As such there is no accurate set price to pass onto our clients. As an estimate it is often £300-£500 to have a church service followed by the cost of cremation (often £800-£1000) or burial (often £800-£2000). Please take these figures as a very loose guideline and approach us for an accurate quote to suit your specific needs.

Direct Cremation

The is simplest service we provide, including everything needed for a direct cremation. The cremation is entirely private and completely unattended other than by the Funeral Conductor. Viewings of the deceased are unavailable when this service is requested.

Attended Direct Cremation

A small number of mourners may be present at the crematorium. The coffin will enter the chapel to a predetermined piece of music then be placed on the catafalque and the curtains will either close or remain open as the mourners leave. 

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