Our Brochure

Our full brochure lists all of our associated professional costs, the full price of cremation services and burial services in covered areas as well as the differing costs of many 3rdparty items, such as flowers, cortege options, coffins, service sheets and more.

Please click the link below to view our brochure, or should you wish, pop into one of our branches and collect a hard copy to take away and peruse;

Click here --> sharps <-- for online brochure

(Prices can change and following an extensive consultation we always put together a complete and accurate estimate and conformation of prices before a funeral takes place)

Can I get any assistance with funeral costs?

Assistance is available from the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Social Fund which can provide assistance to individuals who meet the required criteria. To qualify you must demonstrate that you are the most suitable person to take responsibility for paying the funeral account – additionally you must be receiving at least one of several qualifying benefits and have insufficient savings to pay for the funeral.

The DWP Funeral Payment will provide a limited amount, which may cover a very basic funeral, or provide a contribution towards a more traditional funeral. Your chosen funeral firm will be able to advise you about the qualifying criteria and the likely contribution available. Form SF200 can be downloaded here - SF200-funeral-payment-claim-form.pdf